Combi Boiler Cover: Everything you need to know

A combination boiler is both a central heating boiler and a water heater. There is no need for hot water cylinder or water storage since it can heat water directly from the mains when you open the tap. The combination boilers were monopolized before but due to demand and technological advancements, new models were released.

The amount of a combination boiler per unit varies depending on the manufacturer, brand, power consumption, and reputation. It is a space-saving appliance which you can have installed easily. But what is a combi boiler cover and how does it operates?



How is it possible to supply heat in the room?

  • The central heating
  • Natural gas supplied to your homes will be utilized by the heater. The heat energy from the gas is transferred to the water.
  • The electric pump will push the heated water.
  • Water will flow around the loops inside the radiators.
  • When the water is not hot enough, the cycle will continue until the desired temperature.
  • The venturi effect is applied. There is a reduction in the pressure when fluid flows in a constricted pipe.
  • The temperature can be monitored using the thermostat. The boiler will be switched off when the desired temperature is reached. It can also switch on the boiler when the temperature is cold.
  • The excess gas will leave the boiler through the flue and will be dispersed in the air.


How is it possible to supply hot water?

  • The heating process to supply water works similarly as to central heating.
  • Instead of the thermostat, the water taps in the households will signal the boiler to start.
  • The pressure is also maintained by venturi effect.


You can maximize the efficiency of combination boilers if you have fewer water taps in the homes. In addition to that, it is easier to maintain the temperature of smaller homes.

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