Do You Need A Degree, Or Just The Diploma?

A debate is still being done today between a degree and diploma because there are misconceptions between the two due to the lack of understanding of the essence of these things. Yes, they are both important for people, but there is certain level of intensities that it holds, making them different from one another.

Basically speaking, diploma is earned in finishing a study, while degrees are those who finished a certain specialization of a field. Basically speaking, degree holders are considered higher than those with diplomas, but that doesn’t mean that they can be looked down since they also accomplished studies,, but with a limited scope only. There are various reasons why some people are settling for a diploma rather than a degree itself.

Why People Are Just Getting Diploma

  • Financial Issue – one of the most common reasons why some students are not getting the opportunities they must have is due to financial problems, particularly in paying the tuition fees. Whether it is semesterly or trimester, every student must pay before they are allowed to attend the classes. Unfortunately, not everyone is well-enough to pay for that.
  • Lack Of Motivation – some students are being forced to stop just because they are losing hope while on the process of studying. Perhaps it’s because of their failing grades, or maybe they are thinking about the lack of opportunities they can get after finishing the degree, making them settle for a diploma that can give them more.
  • Inaccessibility To School – those who are living on remote areas or very far from the city will find a hard time to finish school due to the long distance travel. Since EAHEP is online, it allows them to be able to attend even while they are at home, making it easier and efficient for the students.

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