Key reasons to locate in the Infotech Park are:

The Infotech Park is located adjacent to the campuses of Indiana University – Purdue University (IUPUC) and Ivy Tech State College. The Columbus Learning Center is located between their two campuses. The location of the Infotech Park was selected specifically to allow resident companies to take advantage of the technical training and other educational opportunities.

There is a commitment from IUPUC, Ivy Tech and the Columbus Learning Center to provide significant support to Infotech Park companies.

Cutting-edge technology

Columbus Indiana is an architectural mecca. It is ranked sixth in the United States by the American Institute of Architects for innovation and design of architecture.

Columbus is ranked #1 of any city under 50,000 population in Indiana.

A synergistic and interactive atmosphere to allow growth and innovation of new and existing high-tech companies

Tax reinvestment: Up to $5 million in gross business retail taxes and incremental income tax amounts paid by employees of firms within a Certified Technology Park may be used for park infrastructure and other public improvements.

The Columbus Enterprise Development Center (CEDC) is located adjacent to the Infotech Park. This location allows companies in the incubation stages to take advantage of the infrastructure available at Infotech Park and a place to grow after leaving the CEDC.

 “We located the ArvinMeritor Information Technology Center in Columbus’ Infotech Park because it is strategically located near numerous major universities and provides access to three airports (Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Louisville). Additionally, the location was ideal for our new Customer Center because of its professional design, infrastructure and location adjacent to the Columbus Learning Center that will support our training and continual educational requirements.”Perry Lipe
Executive Vice-President & Chief Information Officer
ArvinMeritor Information Technology Center