Gain SoundCloud Followers, Read More about Packages


If you are a new artist in this generation you may already have good ideas on how to promote your brand. Online advertising nowadays is good but you don’t have enough money to pay for it because they are known to be expensive. We will be listing some of the best platforms you can visit and sign up to help you promote your music.

Social Media

It is a great way for a newbie to market his music to connect to more people or audience by only a few minutes the more followers the better. You can have as much as you want but make sure you can handle all of them or better if you have someone who can help you check them from time to time.

But we suggest you handle at most 3 social media accounts unless you have a team who can handle it for you then sign up for more. Remember that you need more followers who can like and share your post so it can reach millions of people- people call it viral. If you can do that, then you are more likely to be recognized by record labels finding a good musician.

Start With

  1. SoundCloud – users in SoundCloud come for the music that’s why if you are an aspiring artist this is a great platform where you can share your songs because the goal of the users/followers is to find a good singer or music they can relate to. If your music is really that good- then you will gain more followers. Watch out for your inboxes few other users might send you a message. Or better yet buy SoundCloud followers and read more about packages.
  2. Youtube –it is a known platform too where you can post lengthy audios or videos and gain tons of views.
  3. Instagram – they are more on pictures and short clips but since your purpose is to promote then you can share clips of audios here too.


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