TLS.NET lights fiber to the premise Columbus, IN Infotech Park – October 26, 2005

A little more than a week after the grand opening of their new facility in Columbus’ State Certified Infotech Park, TLS.NET “LIT” the first direct fiber optic connections dedicated to clients inside and around the Columbus Infotech Park. click for more

LHP Software celebrates new home at tech park – October 15, 2005

A $2.3 million building made with 11,000 square feet of steel, 7,000 square feet of glass and 1,200 cubic yards of concrete was hailed Friday as the latest addition to Columbus’ high-tech vision. LHP Software LLC, which already has a downtown office, held a ribbon-cutting ceremony outside its new building at the certified technology park at 1888 Central Ave. About 100 people attended, including Rep. David Yount, R-Columbus, who congratulated the city for its drive to make the structure a reality. click for more

TLS.NET is a high growth telecommunications and technology company with a business model that requires the ability to support, expand, and deploy cutting edge business commodities such as fiber optic and VoiP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services. To meet those criteria, it was essential that our facilities be firmly grounded in a physical location designed to support a high-demand infrastructure while providing front line access to an educated employee talent pool from the centers of higher learning located inside the Park.”

Phil Luzius
Vice President